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As a full service software solution provider, we understand that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we provide total project outsourcing, staff augmentation services, and combinations of both.

Project Outsourcing

Why outsource?

When you bring software development into your facility, you must foot the bill not only for the salaries and hourly rates, but also for the office space, utilities, insurance, software development tools, etc. When you factor in all of these associated expenses, the actual cost of a software developer can be two more more times their hourly rate.

Another reason to outsource is that it allows your company to keep focused on its core business while turning to experienced development professionals to manage your software development project.

Onshore vs. Offshore Project Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing or "onshoring" is a smart alternative to the perils of sending your software offshore. This approach and can deliver overall cost savings that are as good as or better than offshore engagements while maintaining the advantages of outsourcing.

At Rexford Development, all of your development is done right here in the United States. By virtue of our location in the mid-west, our labor, technical and other operational costs are reduced over those of larger metropolitan areas. At the same time, when compared to offshore outsourcing, the costs associated with travel, training, and project management all are greatly decreased.

Many companies have learned that offshoring can require extensive travel, internal project management, international communication and have found onshoring to be a beneficial alternative, providing similar cost savings while producing better products, on time, and within budget.

Check out our Offshore Problems page for more information on the issues involved when sending your development to another country.

Staff Augmentation

While we highly encourage our clients to look at our total project outsourcing, we understand that this is not the solution for everyone or for every project. We therefore also offer our development services at your location. We can sit down with you and determine your exact needs and completely staff your project.